How will it work?

“Step up” and join No Elevators Day on 25th of April 2018.

Be an ambassador for the No Elevators Day by organising special actions around elevators and escalators in your community.

These actions can include:

  • Sticking funny motivational messages on elevator doors or entries to escalators. Feel free to use our library of motivational messages at the bottom of this page.
  • Positioning volunteers next to elevators and escalators, where they can hand out information on the benefits of climbing the stairs and ask people to take the stairs instead of the elevators.
  • Motivating your friends, family, colleagues and community members to join No Elevators Day by taking the stairs.
  • Sharing our motivational messages through your social media channels to motivate more people to take the stairs.

For more ideas on how to join and organise events for No Elevators Day,
please check out our action guide below.

Why participate?

  1. You will support an international movement to defuse the physical inactivity time bomb. Physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality;
  2. You will work on behalf of your community;
  3. You will raise the profile of your organisation, school, university, youth group, or any other institution;
  4. You will join MOVE Agents (NowWeMOVE campaign event organisers) from 32 countries who are also organising European No Elevators Day events;
  5. It is EASY and FUN. All you need to do is:
    • Choose your venue: office building, university, shopping centre, metro line, etc.
    • Promote the European No Elevators Day through your social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Download and use out FREE motivational posters!
    • Find supporters. This is not to say that you cannot do it alone, but it is more fun when you include your friends and peers.
    • Download and print our FREE promotional materials.
    • Use them on 25.04.2018 to reach people and motivate them to use the stairs instead of the elevators.
    • Plan and arrange for your team of supporters to be located at the venue you have chosen. Ask them to hand out motivational messages and tell people about the benefits of taking the stairs instead of the elevators.
    • Make sure that you take pictures and video to share with us through the Registration/Reporting module on this website.

All activities under No Elevators Day title are voluntary and take into consideration the accessibility requirements for people with disabilities and medical conditions.

Social covers promoting taking the stairs

Motivational posters for the European No Elevators Day