• No Elevators Day

    Join No Elevators Day - 29 April 2020

At a time of global lockdowns where shopping malls are closed, office buildings are closed and most of us are confined to our homes, we might wonder how it can be possible to celebrate a day dedicated to discouraging the use of elevators.

But we believe it is possible.

For us, No Elevators Day has always been a way to turn people’s attention to an easy and accessible way to be physically active. Our offices may now be closed and we do not go out so often, but we still need to find creative and fun ways to be active.

That’s why we decided to hold No Elevators Day as planned but to adapt it to the situation. This year, instead of asking you to #TakeTheStaris we ask you to #UseTheStairs. And rather than asking you to organise events and activities in your office or public buildings, we ask you to help us spread the call and invite people to share their ideas on how to #UseTheStairs to get a daily dose of exercise.

No Elevators Day started back in 2015 as a European event. For three years it became one of the most popular NowWeMOVE Events and in 2018 we went global.
See the No Elevators Day story below!

Step up for the cause of movement!

Let’s step up to celebrate life. Let’s build the largest database of exercises using stairs, we maybe in a situation of a lock down but we can still be active. By joining in and sharing your own ideas of how can we #UseTheStairs you will be involved in an international movement that shows how easy it is to get moving. In our modern societies, technology has made it easier for us to stend still but now it makes it easier to share inspiration and ideas. Health problems caused by sedentary behaviour are now making us rethink that the way we spend our days needs to change. And that it is up to us to find new active ways of living.

All organisations and individual citizens are welcome to join the initiative by:

  • Think of the stairs as a tool for exercise.
  • Be creative and think of different exercise routines.
  • Take a picture or a video of how you use the stairs.
  • Share the picture and/or video on social media with the hashtags #UseTheStairs #NoElevatorsDay.
  • Share our call with your friends, colleagues, partners and let’s create the largest database of stair exercise.

NowWeMOVE Campaign Manager Laska Nenova

"We hope that with public activities like No Elevators Day we will make people reconsider how they can include physical activity in their daily routines. Simple actions such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator offer people opportunities to be active in environments where they spend the most time, such as the workplace."

How can you take part?
It couldn’t be easier:

  1. 1.

    Follow our news announcements and social media channels for updates

  2. 2.

    Share your actions with the world on 29 April 2020 on social media using the hashtag #UseTheStairs #NoElevatorsDay.

  3. 3.

    Be a stair-user champion and help defuse the inactivity time bomb. Why not break out of the routine, lead by example and raise some awareness about how to add some extra steps to your day.

Want to see how it’s done?
Get some inspiration from these Members
of European Parliament:

Join other stair-climbing champions and share ideas in the official
No Elevators Day Facebook group #NoElevatorsDay

UseTheStairs and share your example

UseTheStairs No Elevators Day is a free event, and citizens, organisations, institutions and companies are all invited to share their ideas of how to #UseTheStairs and encourage people to get a bit of activity in their days. All activities under No Elevators Day title are voluntary and should take into consideration the accessibility requirements for disabled people or those not willing to participate.

No Elevators Day is an initiative of the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) as part of the NowWeMOVE campaign.

Learn more about ISCA

No Elevators Day is an initiative of the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) as part of the NowWeMOVE campaign to get 100 million people more active by 2020.

All activities under the No Elevators Day title are voluntary and should take into consideration
accessibility requirements for people with disabilities and medical conditions.