TECH DRONE MEDIA: Why I collaborated on ISCA’s No Elevators Day 2023 video for FREE


Henrik Olsen, TECH DRONE MEDIA (with Rachel Payne, ISCA)

When you climb to the pointy spire of a 90-metre church to film a video, it’s a bit tricky to capture the best angles when you’re in the middle of the action. So we approached Henrik Olsen from TECH DRONE MEDIA in Copenhagen to film our climb on No Elevators Day from the air – with a drone! 

Not only did he say yes to the task, he also offered his services for free! We couldn’t be more grateful for his support on the day and we had so much fun working with him. Below, Henrik shares why he was so excited to have the opportunity to be part of ISCA’s No Elevators Day.

“Two weeks ago, a representative of the International Sport and Culture Association reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to provide drone footage for a project of theirs. ISCA wanted to celebrate No Elevators Day with an event that, of course, needed to take place in one of the most spectacular places in Copenhagen, Our Saviour’s Church, using the stairs. I decided to offer my services for free, as many of us, including me, could use more exercise in our daily lives.

But I had to pull out the big gun, my Mavic 3 Classic, that day because it was pretty windy. We only had a limited timeframe, from 8-9 o’clock in the morning, when there was no public access to the tower. Now their video is done and they have allowed me to post the video on my channel so I could show you how a collaboration between a photographer on the ground and as me as a drone pilot, can merge these two sources of footage together for a final product.

This was a super exciting task and it was really fun to do a collaboration with another photographer [Kristine Onarheim from ISCA – ed.] to make a final product like this.”

Visit TECH DRONE MEDIA’S YouTube channel for special behind-the-scenes footage showing how Henrik filmed our No Elevators Day event. Tech nerds will love his insights on filming with drone cameras in general – so check out his how-to videos! And watch ISCA's video from the day here.