Morocco joins the No Elevators Day movement


Maria Malyshkina, ISCA

The #UseTheStairs message of ISCA’s No Elevators Day is spreading more and more around the world, with new countries joining the movement every year. 2022 marked the first time Morocco participated in No Elevators Day. Here are some highlights from this global event’s celebration in Morocco.

The country’s participation was possible due to the outstanding enthusiasm and hands-on approach of MOVE Agent and upcoming ISCA volunteer Manal Najah, who called upon organisations in Morocco such as hotels, schools and various associations to take part in No Elevators Day. The first company to accept the challenge was an interior design studio, Roomtalk, who not only spread the word about the No Elevators Day in a social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram, but also organised an offline event under the motto “Life without elevators is possible in the modern world!”

The social media campaign was initiated by Roomtalk’s Head of Design Sarra Stir, who liked the idea of No Elevators Day so much she decided to share it with her vast social media audience. She shared her creative stories on her personal Instagram page – you can find all stories from the 2022 No Elevators Day in our Instagram. And don’t forget to subscribe!

Have we mentioned already that Manal also helped us translate the No Elevators Day guides into Arabic language? Thanks to her work, No Elevators Day can reach even more people and organisations. You can find the guides here.

Small changes make big differences, and even one person can contribute to the promotion of the #BeActive message. Are you ready to challenge sedentary lifestyle in your community and organise your own No Elevators Day? So head to the official website, where you will find everything you need to create a memorable event. When it comes to healthy choices and active living, no action is too small to make a difference!

Stay tuned for more inspiring #NoElevatorsDay stories from different corners of the world.