Friday Jun 05

No Elevators Day

United Kingdom
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    United Kingdom
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A Group of Young Volunteers will close off the elevators for the day at the StreetGames Offices in Eccles, Manchester from around 7:30/8am until around 2pm on Friday 5th June. The generally idea is to get people moving and to use the stairs in the building rather than the elevator. We have various ways to promote this such as stickers, tape, posters and ‘movement pills’ which are all in our StreetGames NED box that has been sent to the project. Also attached is an M&E which we’d be grateful if you could fill in and return. We’d like to generate as much social media activity on the day as possible so have asked the project to tweet and f/b their activity, including @StreetGames and #nowwetakethestairs, we’ll retweet and follow their progress.