Wednesday Apr 25

NO ELEVATORS DAY: NoElevatorsDay 2018 - Prague

Czech Republic
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    Czech Republic
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Choosing the stairs instead of the elevator can be the first step towards making our busy days more active! By joining in or organising your own No Elevators Day activity the last Wednesday of April, you will be involved in an international movement that shows how easy it is to get moving. This year, no Elevators Day is going global – so wherever you are, you can join in and be an ambassador for a healthier, more active lifestyle. In our modern societies, technology has made it easier for us to stand still. Health problems caused by sedentary behaviour are now making us rethink that the way we spend our days needs to change. And that it is up to us to find new active ways of living. If you work in a busy office building, pass elevators or escalators on the way to public transport, or encounter elevators at your university, hotel or any other public space, the opportunities to participate in No Elevators Day are surrounding you. All organisations and individual citizens are welcome to join the initiative by sealing off one or more elevators or escalators at a busy location and encouraging passers-by to take the stairs instead.