Tuesday Apr 24

NO ELEVATORS DAY: More steps with VEGA students!

  • Where Büyükdere Street, Özsezen Trade Center, C Block, No:126, Esentepe, Şişli, İstanbul İstanbul ,
  • When Event Start

A group of students from VEGA Schools and health officers from Medicana Hospital, are going to go some shopping centers which were specified and they are going to stop the escalators. Our students, who wear doctor uniform, waiting to customers who are going to step the stairs of escalator for measuring their heart rate and giving information about how many stairs did they step, how many calories did they burn and how useful things did they do for their heart with this activity. Health officers are going to help our students. Our students are going to inform about the benefit of walking and its effects to our health. They are going to mention the importance of using stairs to attract attention to an active and healthy life. Our students are going to give certificate to participants for raising awareness about active and healthy life.