Wednesday Apr 25

NO ELEVATORS DAY: It's time for VEGA to get moving!

  • Where Büyükdere Street, Özsezen Trade Center, C Block, No:126, Esentepe, Şişli, İstanbul İstanbul ,
  • When Event Start

• Today, we are going to encourage ourselves to use the stairs whenever possible in VEGA Schools. • A group of students are going to come together at the 1st floor, they are going to stop the elevators as applying the pvc lines onto the elevators. They are going to give some informations about the importance of taking the stairs for a healthier life. After briefing, everybody (teachers, students and other staff) will use the stairs up to the end of the day. • We are going to park our cars further from school building so that we are having to walk an extra minimum ten minutes each way. • After school, service buses give a lift to our teachers 5 minutes away from their houses. In this way, we can walk extra 5 minutes. • We are going to keep printers and faxes out of reach so that we are going to need to get up to collect our documents. • We are not going to use mobile phones in school in order to communicate to other co-workers. Rather than communicating via phone or email, we are going to get up and speak to someone face to face.