Wednesday May 05

NO ELEVATORS DAY: at Peshëngritje "Dritan Kalemi" Elbasan

  • Where Rruga Rinia, Elbasan Elbasan ,
  • When Event Start

FSHSSH shared the benefits of stair climbing and being physically active in the city of Elbasan. Our strong collaborator Eglantina Kalemi took care to implement No Elevators Day in the city of Elbasan and to inspire people to join us on this global event. Enkileda Carja, the 13 year old weightlifter from Elbasan is a record champion and best athlete for U15. Enkileda #UseTheStairs and raised awareness of how to enjoy a more physically active lifestyle by using the stairs as an appealing fun and useful tool. Xhoana Shaipi a record champion weightlifter in Albania, revealed in year 2021, she also raised awareness in Elbasan for healthy habits to add more physical activity daily. Together, we motivated people to choose the stairs instead of the elevator and start a healthy habit.