Wednesday Apr 26

NO ELEVATORS DAY: No Elevators Day in BBS

  • Where Markó str 29-31 Budapest ,
  • When Event Start

Every step counts! No Elevators Day was launched in 2015 and BBS is joining in this year. The event encourages people to take the stairs instead of the elevator and to contribute to their health, even if it means taking a few steps. On the No Elevators Day, the lifts will be unobstructed for university citizens with limited mobility. Locations: Markó Street Main building of the FIMB Main building of the FFA FCHT dormitory Programmes: 9:00 - 10:00: - Staircase race: one by one and two by two run up the stairs to the top. - Staircase leapfrogging: leaping up the stairs in pairs, one and two steps at a time. - Stairs Lying down: one step-one push-up and three steps-three push-ups, or three steps-one push-up and six steps-three push-ups. - Stair Lunge: holding a three-step breakout position. - Stair stretch: dynamic stretching exercises on the stairs. 10:00 - 11:00: - Stair hammer: see how many flights of stairs you can climb up (and down) in 10 minutes! 9:00 - 12:00: - Stair Likes: take a unique, creative and original photo of any staircase using the hashtags #bgesport #NoElevatorsDay and #UseTheStairs and post it on social media (the creator of the photo with the most likes will win a BBS souvenir) The Great Stair Count: count how many stairs there are in the Markó Street building! Share your count in the comments under BGE Sport's 'No Elevators Day' post! (The correct answer will receive a BBS souvenir)