Wednesday Apr 24

NO ELEVATORS DAY: No Elevator Day Botswana

  • Where Plot 783, Ext 2, Gaborone, Botswana Gaborone ,
  • When Event Start

No Elevators Day, Botswana initiative is part of the global campaign promoting physical activity by encouraging people to #UseTheStairs instead of elevators or escalators. In Botswana, the initiative aims to address the growing concern of sedentary lifestyles and their contribution to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity in Botswana. Objectives of the Campaign 1. Raise awareness about the importance of physical activity in preventing NCDs. 2. Encourage individuals to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines by using stairs as a simple and effective way to stay active. 3. Promote a culture of health and well-being in workplaces, public spaces, and communities across Botswana. 4. Educate the public about the health benefits of taking the stairs, including improved cardiovascular health, weight management, and overall well-being. We will invite companies and organisations to join the No Elevators Day campaign in Botswana and take a stand against sedentary lifestyles by encouraging employees to #UseTheStairs on the 24th of April 2024. Here's how organisations and companies in Botswana can get involved: 1. Promote the campaign internally: Encourage employees to participate in No Elevators Day and use the stairs for physical activity. 2. Provide support and resources: Distribute campaign materials, posters, and educational resources to raise awareness about the benefits of taking the stairs. 3. Organize workplace activities: Plan stair-climbing challenges, competitions, or events to engage employees and promote a culture of health and well-being. 4. Share your impact: Track participation rates, share success stories, and contribute to data collection efforts to evaluate the impact of the campaign.