Wednesday Apr 24

NO ELEVATORS DAY: No elevators day

  • Where DublĂ­n 4 Burriana
  • When Event Start

For yet another year, the CEIP Novenes de Calatrava in Burriana (Spain) joins the European Project "NO ELEVATORS DAY" that fights against the growing sedentary lifestyle of our society. Our students have set an example by going up and down stairs as well as making posters (in the Arts and Crafts subject) to place on their properties and thus motivate their neighborhood to engage in physical activity. #UseTheStairs #NoElevatorsDay @educacondeporte @educa_con_deporte @sme.burriana @isca.official @nowwemove_ We have disseminated the project both on the radio, on posters in the center and through social networks