Take the challenge: How many flights of stairs can you climb from now until 31 May?


Rachel Payne, ISCA

Do you want to set a stair-climbing target for your average week or for the next month or two? How many flights of stairs do you think you can climb? Challenge your friends, family, colleagues or school mates to a friendly competition and submit your flights climbed on the official No Elevators Day website from now until 31 May to take part in our Stairs Challenge.

What’s at stake? Your pride and your fitness – but you can always up the stakes at your office or among friends as you wish. And celebrate your victories on No Elevators Day (27 April – only two weeks to go!) or at the end of MOVE Week 23-29 May 2022.

By adding your flights to our counter you can also test yourself against participants from other cities or countries – it might just boost your confidence as well as your health and wellbeing!

Every step counts and every flight counts. Use the fitness tracker on your device (iPhone Health app, etc.) to calculate your flights of stairs climbed once, on an average day or several times per week. A flight is approximately 12-15 elevated steps. Flights submitted on our calculator more than “once” will be calculated automatically from 1 April-31 May 2022.

Step up for the cause of movement, fun and better health! Share your climbs with the hashtags #NoElevatorsDay and #UseTheStairs

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