What taking the stairs does to your physical health


Taking the stairs is easy to implement in your daily activity and it doesn’t take long. Two minutes of taking the stairs already has a positive effect on burning calories. And when you take the stairs regularly it will have a big effect on your weight, cholesterol and blood glucose. Regularly taking the stairs also decreases the risk of death with 15%. You burn 10 calories taking the stairs for 1 minute, this is 560 calories in one hour. With taking the stairs you will burn more calories in a shorter time than jogging: 30 minutes of jogging equals 15 minutes of taking the stairs.

Furthermore, research has also shown that even though taking the stairs with a gap of one step takes more energy, combining all the steps requires more energy. Therefore, if you want to achieve the maximum health effect and burn the most calories it is recommended to take all the steps of the stairs.

Because of these facts, when you can, you should always take the stairs and better your well-being.

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