Use the stairs and better your health


This picture is taken by No Elevators Day partner Association of Medical Students in Košice, Slovakia in 2017.

Generally, everyone is aware that taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator improves your health. Yet people still use the elevator instead of the stairs in public areas. Why? Because it’s easy? Or faster? Or because elevators are just there and you have the habit of taking the elevator?

BJ Fogg, a Stanford professor, suggests that we don’t have to get entangled in taking huge action in order to achieve our goals. Instead, he recommends small, but measurable shifts that, one by one, build up to our bigger goals over time. These are known as micro habits, which are really just small steps toward starting something new.

We want to change that – believing that a small micro change – as takin the stairs- will help people to look at being active in a different way. This is why we encourage organisations to work together with us by organising a No Elevators Day event on the 29th of April, to encourage people to #UseTheStairs and getting them to become more physically active while improving their own health.

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