No Elevators Day is a worldwide event that shares how people use the stairs instead of elevators and escalators as a fun and healthy way to add some physical activity to their day. The aim is to get as many people moving and active as possible. Taking into consideration that many people are not able use the stairs, all No Elevators Day events are entirely voluntary and elevators should still be kept open for those who need them. People with disabilities are still invited to join in by sharing their functional ideas about how stairs could be improved for their use too.

We all know that sedentary behaviour can play a big part in leading to physical conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure and lower back pain. By taking part in No Elevators Day we are promoting smalls steps people can take to climb away from sedentary lifestyles and step into healthier habits - because doing some physical activity every day is better than doing none.

This year we encourage you to look at the stairs as an easy and accessible way to #FindYourMOVE and #BeActive, and to use the stairs as an appealing, fun and useful tool that can give us a spark of physical activity at any moment during the day.

Every step counts and #EveryMoveCounts!

You can join us in celebrating No Elevators Day 2021 and promoting physical activity by being part of our social media community. Think of the stairs as an awesome opportunity to #FindYourMOVE and spread the word, inviting people to share their ideas on how to #UseTheStairs at home, at a metro station or in their office building, and many other locations where there is a choice to use the stairs or the elevator or escalator. Let’s get our daily dose of exercise by using the stairs!

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